Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

World Marine Offshore is committed to an accident-free workplace, everyday, everywhere. Our performance depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of the services we provide to our clients, while protecting people and minimising the impact on the environment.

We require an active commitment to HSEQ from all our employees and our contractors in all work activities. The management are responsible and accountable for ensuring compliance with all HSEQ policies and procedures and this Corporate HSEQ Policy.

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Our objective is to work according to a zero philosophy

  • No, damages or injuries
  • No environmental damages
  • No occupational illness and no quality defects

How do we work

We will always communicate openly on HSEQ issues with our stakeholders and share with them our experience and knowledge of successful HSEQ initiatives.
The Company has a HSEQ Manager which oversees all HSEQ matters. He/She will together with the Management establish procedures and guiding principles as it deems necessary to carry out the Company HSEQ policy.

The Company will establish and maintain assessment, self-evaluation and audit programmes to monitor the Company’s compliance with this Policy.

The Company standards will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where we operate.

The Company will strive to mitigate the impact of any foreseeable hazards, which may endanger health, safety and the environment, or could affect the quality of products and services it provides. This will be achieved through formal risk assessments as required per Company Policies and Procedures.

The Company is committed to provide training and development needs as appropriate for each individual’s duties and responsibilities – this will always include HSEQ training. The Operation manager are responsible for ensuring that appropriate training is given and individual competency evaluation is conducted as per the Company’s standards.

This policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure on going suitability. This is critical to the continuous success of our business as it allows us optimise our Company performance and adds value for all our stakeholders.

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We strive to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance the asset value, and achieve operational efficiency, we innovate instead of copying.

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