World Marine Offshore can provide a wide range of services, within offshore wind, offshore oil and gas, bridge and tunnel projects and ferry services. From offshore crew transfer,offshore support, offshore standby vessel and much more.

Transfer of offshore crew and cargo

World Marine Offshore are specialized in transferring crew and cargo to and from offshore wind turbines, substations, accommodation platforms, floatels and other offshore installations.

Offshore Diving and ROV operations

World Marine Offshore’s vessels are flexible vessels which allows them to install equipment on the for deck for Diving and ROV operations.

Offshore Survey and Inspections

World Marine Offshore’s WS 30 have a for deck of 110m2 with room for survey equipment for larger assignments. Our WS 25 have a for deck of 60m2 with room for survey/inspection equipment for smaller survey operations.

Offshore Guard, Rescue and Chase support

Our vessels are equipped with the newest technologies and within rescue equipment and navigational equipment which make the vessels ideal for guard, rescue and chase operations.

We strive to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance the asset value, and achieve operational efficiency, we innovate instead of copying.

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