Windserver 25

General Information

The Windserver 12 pax vessels are designed for transporting personnel and cargo to and from offshore installations and for supporting services such as survey and inspection, guard and rescue, chase support and diving/SOV operations.


The Windserver vessels will be highly equipped for good comfort for the passengers. For example all seats will be business class similar to airplanes, able to adjust sleeping mode, with necessary entertainment, wi-fi, etc.

The 12 pax design will be built for 24 hours operation at sea and up to 4 days endurance before port of call. The vessel for 12 pax will have 3 single cabins with toilet and shower facilities. The crew’s living quarters also include galley, mess room, salon and all necessary equipment for living onboard 24/7/365 operation.


The foredeck of the Windserver 25 is capable of carring a 20” containers or two 10” containers. The vessel is also approved for transporting dangerous cargo.

If the Windserver vessels should be used for regular container transporting, a cargo rail can be installed. Both vessels have the possibility for at crane setup depending on the clients demand. The vessels are also prepared for re-fuling systems to be installed.

The large deck areas is ideal for survey/diving operations.

SWATH / Hull

The hull is optimized for sea-keeping and fine positioning to maximize passenger comfort and vessel operability.The hull shape is combined with the high speed and seaworthiness performed by the trimmaran hull concept and the SWATH technology (Small Water Plane Twin Hull) that gives an excellent seaworthiness and fuel economy when vessel is in transit speed.

When the Windserver vessel is in crew transfer mode at the WTG, vessels ballast tank is filled and vessel in a lower draft mode (SWATH mode) then waves do have very low impact (buoyancy) on the hull, and movement of the vessel is highly reduced. Also the hydrofoil at the bow and the submerged fins (Bilge keels) on the side hull is damping the movements of the vessel, thus giving the hull the motion characteristics of a much larger and heavier vessel.

Soft Bow

Our Windserver vessels have a Soft Bow, an active impact reducing fender system which is build into the hull of the Windserver. The Soft Bow is developed because there is a high demand for reducing the high impact load on the WTG. The large vessels you have the more load you put on to the WTG. Therefore it was a necessarity to develop a system to reduce this load impact.

The Soft Bow is reducing the load impact on the WTG by up to 50% and thereby keeping the landing load within the manufactures limitations of the boat landings.

The Windserver’s Soft Bow system is a hydraulic buffering system which known from the train industry. It is a fully automatic system and it logs all the data, which allows our staff to learn from different approach situations.

Propulsion setup

Both Windserver vessels types are equipped with a 4 engine setup and are very fuel efficient. A 4 engine setup gives also a high redundancy and enables the vessel to operate on only 3 engines.

For further information se specific data sheet for each vessel.

The Windserver 25 vessels are a new design specific developed for support at offshore windfarms. The new design combines the Trimaran hull concept with SWATH technology, which together with the revolutionary and patented soft-bow, maximises performance and safety.

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Highly qualified crew with relevant STCWcertificates, to secure safe operations

Capacity of 10 tonnes of cargo on the spacious foredeck. Capable of carring one 20″ container or two 10″ cotainers.

System built on 160 years experience and tradition to secure highest quality operations. We have ISM/SMS system at the office and onboard our vessels.

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