Our Services

Offshore Logistics

World Marine Offshore can provide a wide range of services for the markets of offshore wind, oil and construction projects. From offshore crew transfer, offshore support, offshore standby services to ferry services and more.

Transfer of offshore crew and cargo

World Marine Offshore has a versatile fleet specialized in effectively transferring crew and cargo to and from offshore wind turbines, substations, accommodation platforms, floatels and other offshore installations. We provide high performance on charters thanks to the variety of CTVs in our fleet: SWATH, High Speed and Hybrid crew transfer vessels.

Offshore Diving and ROV operations

World Marine Offshore’s vessels are flexible which allow for installation of equipment on the deck for Survey, Diving and ROV operations.

On- and Offshore logistics 

World Marine Offshore has extensive experience with on- and offshore logistics projects. Furthermore, our integrated service provides help from planning to execution with professional personnel. Warehouse facilities and base port office are provided onshore, while the offshore services cover accommodation jack-up vessels, CTVs, supply vessels or helicopter services among others.

World Passat - Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV)- Offshore Logistics and Maritime Management
World Scirocco - Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) to wind industry and wind farms
World Bora- Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) - best performance in crew and cargo transfer
Subsea Diving- PLGR work, inspection, ROV
Subsea Diving- PLGR work, inspection, ROV

Subsea and Diving Services

World Marine Offshore provides services of high quality and every assignment undertaken.

A few examples of services offered: Bathymetrical and or ROVs.

Maritime Management

We take pride in our ability to find cost efficient and effective solutions using innovative technology.

WMO provides a wide range of services, hereunder:

  • Project Management,
  • Technical Management (ISM, ISPS, PMS),
  • Safety, Security, Audits, Health, Safety and Environment,
  • Dry dock preparation and Supervision,
  • Procurement & Logistics,
  • Commercial Management.
Leading provider of Maritime Management and Offshore Logistics
Offshore operation at East Anglia 1- Maritime Management and offshore logistics
Leading provider of Maritime Management and Offshore Logistics
EA1 Maritime management and offshore logistics

We strive to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance asset value and achieve operational efficiency.

Above all, we innovate instead of copying.